Following Up Post Occupancy

Our ‘Following Up Post Occupancy’ report is now complete. It summarises the many valuable design insights we gained from carrying out a series of resident interviews & surveys.

By connecting with the residents of the homes that we designed, we hoped to learn which aspects of the designs work and which could be improved. The surveys enabled us to map out firsthand connections between the well-being of residents and the functional aspects of the homes that they live in.

There were many interesting takeaways from the report, including how to make the design of apartments further appeal to families. The survey evidence has provided us with a toolkit of design strategies to directly contribute to increased resident well-being.

By building relationships with the residents of our buildings, we have realised an important missing link in housing development, demonstrating the importance of revisiting projects to ensure continuous improvement in our present and future projects.

Ewell Road Proposal for NHS Property Services

We are currently engaging with local residents and members of the public on our proposals to redevelop the site of a disused office building on Ewell Road in Surbiton into 59 new homes. We have exhibited the scheme at a drop-in exhibition where we discussed our proposals for a part 3-storey to part 6-storey residential building with visitors and are also meeting with local resident groups. 

Our proposals grasp the opportunity of improving the Ewell Road streetscape with a landscaped frontage, new street trees and a series of elegant brick buildings that make the most of the corner position.

The scheme also increases the green space on site, retaining high quality existing trees, increasing biodiversity and making a valuable contribution to the green aspect and feel of the setting.

The building fabric will be specified to reduce heat losses through high levels of insulation and air tightness, designed to the Mayor’s target of zero carbon emissions. It is also proposed to incorporate sustainable urban drainage to help manage rain water run-off.

A range of high-quality accommodation for a mixture of tenures will be provided with both private and affordable dwellings promoting improved health and well-being for the residents and neighbours.

Coombe Road submitted for planning

Our innovative later living scheme for Advanced Living has gone in for planning. The proposed 128 extra care apartments, based in Kingston upon Thames, will provide much needed facilities for senior residents in a contemporary building that champions new thinking for later living.

The design features a busy restaurant and cafe, alongside a wellness centre, aiming to attract members of the local community and to provide space for friends and family of residents to gather and interact with one another.

Brick, stone, glass and metal are layered to create a building with strong character, texture and detail that compliments the setting and lifts the street frontage.

We have carefully considered the impact of design on the health & wellbeing of residents, creating a light-filled and spacious building that encourages communication between its occupants.

The scheme is divided into three sections, creating smaller neighbourhoods of apartments at each floor all of which are wheelchair accessible and fitted with assistive technology.

We aim to create a residence that will support and nurture a senior living community and enhance the health and wellbeing of its occupants.

Model making of Coombe Road

We recently visited Pipers Modelmakers to witness the design and construction of a model for Coombe Road, our mixed-use later living scheme in Kingston upon Thames for our client, Advanced Living.

The community consultation phase of this project is underway. We recently held a session at a local community hall in Kingston where we were able to interact with members of the public to discuss the ideas of the scheme and take onboard feedback.

The proposal for the extra care scheme provides facilities for residents in a new contemporary building which will include a wellness centre, restaurant, resident’s facilities, carefully landscaped gardens and roof terraces, and a new prominent building - which will continue the legacy of the old buildings of Kingston Hospital and their use.

Grove Crescent Road, Providing a new Head Office and Recovery College to St Mungo's

We are working on the conversion and refurbishment of an existing office building in Stratford, London to provide the homelessness charity St Mungo’s with a new head office and a Recovery College. Design proposals have arisen from an intensive co-design process we’ve carried out with the client, volunteers & users of the college.

The proposal will convert the ground and first floor into a Recovery College, an educational centre for people getting back on their feet. It will provide them with spaces for education, employment skills, art, music, social interaction, chill out and well-being.. The design will create a, light, welcoming & space for the clients of St Mungo’s.

The upper floors will be St Mungo’s head office. This will provide spaces for activity-based work . The plan arranges team neighbourhoods around shared ‘gardens’ spaces for flexible work . Social and quiet spaces as well as a flexible range of meeting spaces are proposed to fit with St Mungo’s work culture.

Appointment by Advanced Living to design senior living scheme, Coombe Road

We are underway with the community consultation phase of developing a mixed-use later living scheme in Kingston upon Thames for our client, Advanced Living.

The scheme will provide the area with much-needed facilities for the senior population including a wellness centre, a restaurant, resident’s facilities, landscaping, sensory gardens and roof top allotments. More than 140 apartments, , will be created within a prominent new building sensitively designed to compliment the local area.

Coombe Road artist impression, KC+A Architects

Planning Submitted for Blenheim Drive

We have recently submitted planning for a proposal to develop an existing derelict garage site in sub-urban Wickham. The residential project seeks to deliver six new houses to client Build Vantage.

The project supports the potential for high density new homes on small sites as called for by the mayor’s draft London Plan.

The success of these types of site lies in developing bespoke designs that safeguard neighbours amenity whilst creating light & spacious new homes.

Our designs for this project develop a backland vernacular using weathered timber and metal cladding and green roofs to embed the scheme comfortably in the neighbourhood setting.

Following Up Post Occupancy

In early 2018 we decided to reach out & connect with the residents of homes that we have designed. Our aim was to learn about what aspects of our designs work well and what parts could be better and to feed these insights back into our design process to improve future homes we are currently working on.

We also saw this as an opportunity to explore first-hand the connection between the well-being of the residents and the functional aspects of their homes and the apartment schemes that they live in.

It has been very satisfying to close the loop, revisit the projects and get to know the residents a little by meeting them in their homes and given us a deeper appreciation of how design can directly contribute to increased resident well-being.   

The survey has, as hoped, yielded a number of valuable design insights in particular in the design of apartments for families.


East Bay Mill Planning Submitted

We recently submitted planning application for East Bay Mill in Colchester, Essex. Our proposal for Regent Land and Developments seeks to deliver 20 contemporary family dwellings, including the conversion of a former granary mill building that was severely fire damaged in 2015.

Family homes have generous living spaces, the designs include brick and weatherboard cladding and gardens and roof terraces that take advantage of the river side setting. The scheme opens up the riverside foot and cycle path along the River Cole, enhancing the river bank with landscaping.

The development's design responds to the historical context and will bring this derelict river side site back to life.

East Bay Mill
East Bay Mill
East Bay Mill